I am a tenured research scientist (chargé de recherche ) at Inria Rennes in the MimeTIC research team. Previously I was a a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oxford in Torr Vision Group. I completed my PhD at Inria Grenoble in the Morpheo research team.

Open positions:

PhD : Neural novel view synthesis of dynamic people in monocular videos.
Engineer : 3D Human Pose Estimation from a Single Image with Deep Learning.


DualConv: Dual Mesh Convolutional Networks for Shape Correspondence

N. Verma, A. Boukhayma, J.Verbeek, E. Boyer
arXiv preprint 2021

Cross-modal Deep Face Normals with Deactivable Skip Connections

V. Abrevaya, A. Boukhayma, P. Torr, E. Boyer
CVPR 2020 (Oral)

DGPose: Deep Generative Models for Human Body Analysis

R. de Bem, A. Ghosh, T. Ajanthan, O. Miksik, A. Boukhayma, N. Siddharth, P. Torr
IJCV 2020

A Decoupled 3D Facial Shape Model by Adversarial Training

V. Abrevaya, A. Boukhayma, S. Wuhrer, E. Boyer
ICCV 2019 (Oral)

3D Hand Shape and Pose from Images in the Wild

A. Boukhayma, R. de Bem, P. Torr
CVPR 2019 (Oral)

A Conditional Deep Generative Model of People in Natural Images

R. de Bem, A. Ghosh, A. Boukhayma, T. Ajanthan, N. Siddharth, P. Torr
WACV 2019

Domain Partitioning Network

B. Csaba, A. Boukhayma, V. Kulharia, A. Horváth, P. Torr
arXiv preprint 2019

Surface Motion Capture Animation Synthesis

A. Boukhayma, E. Boyer
TVCG 2018

Controllable Variation Synthesis for Surface Motion Capture

A. Boukhayma, E. Boyer
3DV 2017

Surface Motion Capture Transfer with Gaussian Process Regression

A. Boukhayma, J. Franco, E. Boyer
CVPR 2017

Eigen Appearance Maps of Dynamic Shapes

A. Boukhayma, V. Tsiminaki, J. Franco, E. Boyer
ECCV 2016

Video based Animation Synthesis with the Essential Graph

A. Boukhayma, E. Boyer
3DV 2015 (Oral)

Surface Motion Capture Animation

A. Boukhayma
PhD thesis


Synthetic 3D Hands

4D Human Appearance and Shape in Motion

4D Human Shape in Motion




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